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This wiki is only about the online browser-based FPS Rush Team.

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Rush Team is a free beta-stage browser-based multiplayer first-person shooter game built on Unity 3D engine and Photon network engine, released first time for the public on 14th of July 2012 on Kongregate and Besides the Unity 3D player, Rush Team doesn't require you to download any parts of the game or any kind of plugin on your computer and is playable on any browser that supports Unity.

The game is developed by Roka, who is assisted by dozen of other staff members known as Game Masters or GM's for short. Whilst not directly working at the development of the game, the job of the GM's is to supervise the game and help users with problems they may encounter in the game.[1]

Maps - An overview of some of the maps.

Controls - Overview on how to play.

Weapons - Melee

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  2. The Official Youtube Channel

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