Rush Team contains many maps in which you can play in. Here is a quick overview of the more popular maps. Full information about each can be found here:, underneath the "Maps" section (I was too lazy to do it myself)


"Are you ready to take over the rooftops and alleys on this fast-paced map?


A view over a shipping container with the houses to the left and right.

Dynamic design of Slums allows numerous different ways to quickly move around the map, so stay alert or you may get killed before you notice!" This map is the first map on the level select, and mainly consists of houses of which you can jump around on.

City ZoneEdit

"Do you like to proceed through open areas, checking alley after alley for enemies, or do you prefer to dwell through tight tunnels 


The view from behind a wall.

and surprise them? Doesn't matter as City Zone has offers possibilities for both."

City Zone is the second map, which is mainly consisted of a city-like look with balconies and an underground area. Fun for all.


"Collateral damage is inevitable as players clash in the urban city terrain of Assault. With various containers and crates as cover, the danger is always present as both teams try to get to those ideal positions, such as the bridge which offers great vantage point for any capable sniper."


A view from behind a warehouse.

Assult is the third map, which mainly looks like the more urban part of a city, as has lots of places for a sniper to shoot.